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I am so glad you to chose to join me today to begin our journey to and through all things gracious and beautiful and weddings…with a little Southern emphasis.  During our time together I will share some of my favorite touches my brides have added to their day to make it uniquely theirs and meaningful as well as some of those time honored traditions that every woman enjoys.

So often when I share my story, I am asked “WHY brides?”.  My most concise answer is “I love them!”.  In theory, a woman’s wedding day is the happiest day of her life!  It should reflect her style, her hopes, her dreams, and her loved ones.  That, in and of itself, should make most of us run to City Hall! The pressure to get it “right” and to include everything is overwhelming and that is before the mother and mother in law chime in.  I find that when the bride and groom explain to me what they want and, maybe even, why they want it I begin to see  the clear picture of what is truly important to the couple, their day, and their new life together. For me, the look on the bride and groom’s faces when it all comes together is one of the most beautiful sights.  Then, when we see the vision come to life, it is a blessing.

One of my most enjoyable conversations during this process is our discussion of the bride’s”something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”.  At one time our go-to something blue was, of course, the garter.  Now we see blue shoes, blue soles of white shoes, blue jewelry, etc. One of my favorite new “something blue” traditions is adding a patch or ribbon embroidered in blue to the inside of the bridal gown.

Kyndall's beautiful interpretation of "something blue".

Kyndall’s beautiful interpretation of “something blue”.

The message on the ribbon can be the bride and groom’s monogram, the wedding date, a special Bible verse, a fun nickname…the options are unlimited.   What a great new twist on one of our oldest traditions.

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